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watchmen, who will watch the watchers
I've been pretty productive lately. I like that.

Nothing like the productivity of The Writing Challenge, but productive nonetheless. My brain is waking up. My fingers, too. And they're back to being on speaking terms; it's nice when body parts play nice and get along.

I've been thinking more, lately, too. Not so much about my mutants... though I do like to think about Cassie from time to time, still - she's my favourite. About Project: Ether Engine. About my Pantheon and its gods. In fact, I now have an idea for a cute bit of interaction between Dragon and Lachlan late in the Project, a bit of back story/a myth for Erin which I'll put up eventually, and have (from ages ago) a small bit of lore for the god of small things, to likewise be put up eventually.

I'm actually most excited about Erin's myth. I have all the details (all the non-fine details, at least), I just need to write it out in story format; it currently sits on my phone in the space of 8 text messages, mildly ramblesome and time-jumpy; I'll fix that before I post it.



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