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Journey End
fairy tale, dreams, general fantasy
Written: 19/02/10
Inspired by: a trip to Brisbane. Specifically: the plane-ride thereof.
Notes: I had a window seat, so.
Rating: G

I went upon a journey to find you
Crossed seas just to see you
And flew over lands to touch you.

And as we rose into the air
I saw a blade of light which split the sky from the lands and seas
All the lights of man lined up against the edge of the world
A thick strip of sentries standing against the night and its void.

And as we rose into the sky
So did the sun; I watched it eat the lights of man
One by one, until they all were gone
And spew forth a light its own which burnt the night
All it left behind: a sea of clouds.

And as we rose above the clouds
I watched that sea in the sky swallow up and smother
The lands and seas below
The whole world looked as a snowy plain
All white and fluff and hills
A sea that spanned the sky
To the very shores of my perception.

And as we rose those final steps t'wards the heavens
I saw it: the band of burning rainbow
Marking the upper rim of the mortal coil
Peter's Bridge; the Gate of Heaven.

Yet as we rose, we began to slow
And eventually fell back to the earth
far from where we'd left it
Down through the sky sea and the lights of men
And all that stood between.

Yet this glimpse of heaven's door was nothing
Compared to the sight of you.

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Haha, I was wondering if you'd read it yet :p


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