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thoughts on characters and future works
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The Pixie
I've been thinking today that perhaps I should change some of the parameters of the Pixie's teleportation power - make it less about an equivalent trade, more just grabbing hold of matter at the destination and pulling himself through there by; when the destination is of a fluidic nature (gas or liquid), some of said fluid is pushed back through whatever tunnel has been used and arrives at the point of origination (less so when liquid, more so when gas, but either way the body replaces what is directly in the "landing zone"); teleporting into a solid requires far more energy as that IS an equivalent exchange scenario. Likewise, teleporting into low density fluid is harder than teleporting into high density fluid as there's less to hold on to in low density - 'porting to ground level is easier than 'porting into open airspace as there are solids near to the "landing zone". Therefore fluidic matter is always pulled towards a "landing zone" just prior to the Pixie "landing", and fluidic matter always puffs out from the point of origin, as some amount is always exchanged in both directions. It would also take more energy to 'port somewhere further away than closer as a greater extension of the psychic tendrils which grip onto matter around a "landing zone" would be required. It would also cost more energy the more he wants to carry on each 'port - most clothing would be close to negligible; an extra person would be bearable; a car taxing; an entire house nearly impossible without assistance.

Soon, I might start working on some basic sketches of his HQ... beyond the 3 square inch sketches I have already, I mean. He likes hexagons, this dude, though I'm not sure why. Also: thank god for Google Maps. I wanted to give him a mapping/imaging satellite of his own, because I've wanted to give SOMEONE a satellite of their own for ages now and I figured he could use it to find good 'port sites via a link-up in his HQ. Then I realised one satellite can't really watch the entire globe at once, and having access to a satellite network would either require megabucks like Batman's, or computer-hacking skills like Batman's. Dude's an architect, sure, but still... not exactly an "own your own satellite" sort of salary. Nor does it require that sort of computer-based skill set. Hence: thank god for Google Maps.

Though I may need to rename Google... Ah well, I already did Twitter, and I'm thinking these sorts of corporations will be cross-universal names. Unless I start writing high fantasy...

So much for not thinking about my mutants too much recently :p

Erin, the weather goddess
I have her Daughters of the Storm myth almost completely written. I just have one small part early on to figure out and finish; the idea of writing god sex is just mildly intimidating to me, for some reason. But it should be done in the next couple of days... I hope. And in writing it, I had an idea for a second myth - Erin fights a dragon.

Pantheon in general
I have some more stuff coming, besides Erin's myths: Privacy's Tower; Belfor the warrior (god of small things' pantheon I think?) apparently I didn't get to write notes before I got where I was going - all I have is a heading in my notebook :( ; Switch magic; Dream lore; Half Moon Festival from the god of small things' pantheon.

Stuff in general
I have both a SUMS Committee Revue Act and an advert for Revue written. The theme is 7 Deadly Sins. I'll likely put them both up closer to camp once I've had some feedback/concrit/editing from the committee. The advert could also be just another Revue act if I so choose, and is musical - I rewrote "A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd to be thematically appropriate; each pie is now a deadly sin. I've spent some portion of today trying to arrange it for two voices and piano, but my accompaniment is not going so well :( It'll get there though. Probably.

All this writing makes me pretty happy :)

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I read that as 'porn sites via a link-up in his HQ'.

Happy David makes Andrew happy.

You are a special child, sir.

Then again, who wouldn't use their very own satellite to look up porn in their superhero headquarters?

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