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A Tale of Two Men and My Attempts to Become Them
road is long, real world fiction, bare, journey
or: Call Backs

So how'd they go? They went amazingly. Quite possibly the best auditions I've ever done. Go me.

Of course, I have to give a massive thank you to citizenerased for being my number one cheer leader this past week. I think the most encouraging thing he said was when I said I was going to be up for a while longer on the night before the call back to watch Superman and Batman in an animated DC film Public Enemies (which he shared with me as a pick-me-up after... ugh, what I saw on facebook) under the pretence of going over my lyrics, and he was all ... lyrics? I reminded him of my call back and he told me he already had an image of me completely owning it that he'd stopped worrying about it.

Prettiest pompoms I ever did see.

The morning of the call back, we were messaging back and forth in character (for he is Superman, and I the goddamn Batman) about using my batarangs and his heat vision and super breath to take out the trash, so to speak, and it was the best psych up session I could have asked for. (It helped that I was dressed for a party and therefore even hotter than usual.) All in all, I was flying. So much so that when I got off the bus and walked over to serve up some mayhem, I was strutting. Strutting. Something I very rarely do unless I'm showing off my gay genes. But I was going to own this shit. And I did.

Mayhem? Hells yes I brought it.

I left that room so proud of myself that I don't even care if I get a part. There are enough pros and cons to Putting It Together that I'm just happy I could stand up to my fears and my worries and the constantly flashing nerve cluster in my gut and the Team Slut captain and everything that this past month has thrown at me, and say "Skullfuck you!" loud and proud. Then sing at them, and sing at them well.

Yeah, I kick arse. What of it?

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