A Good Day's Work
blackhole, dark sci fi
Written: 14 / 12 / 2009
Inspiration: Central Station
Notes: n/a
Rating: pg?

A Good Day's WorkCollapse )

oh, to kiss you
road is long, real world fiction, bare, journey
Written: 29 / 1 / 2010
Inspiration: a boy. He knows who he is.
Notes: n/a
Rating: PG

Oh, To Kiss YouCollapse )

Written: 5/ 1/2010
Inspiration: A friend of mine told me how much she wished someone would write a song about her. This is for her.
Notes: Poem now, but there shall be music.
Rating: Lyrics/poems don't usually get ratings.

PorcelainCollapse )

Fairy Tail
fairy tale, dreams, general fantasy
Fairy Tail - a present for citizenerasedCollapse )

Pan, dark fantasy, Faun
I need to learn the art of title-giving. Do they offer courses in titlestry? Does anybody know a good titler?

Written: 18/12/1987 2009
Inspiration: I think I heard "lambs become lions" somewhere in a youtube video/song/summin'-summin' (as in I could have misheard), and the idea stuck.
Notes: the second verse is not meant to be Cullen Creepy (c). Just so you're aware.
Rating: poem. Sleep-watching. Also, knife-fights with metaphorical lions.

wakingCollapse )

(no subject)
watchmen, who will watch the watchers
Word of the Day: conflagration

It's not a pretty word, but it's quite handsome. It has stubble and a strong jaw. It's a surprisingly outdoorsy word, for one with so many syllables.

I find it quickly becoming one of My Words, and I like it.

An exercise in showing.
watchmen, who will watch the watchers
I want to learn to do this on command. Train my eyes to see in poetry. Condense the process into goggles affixable. Teach my tongue to writhe not of its own accord and lead my fingers where it would. To be the tiny dancer with blades beneath his sequins.

I like it when I write.

Written: 8/12/2009
Inspiration: highlyeccentric / something my sister said this morning / an old episode of Law and Order: CI / a story from an episode of QI (S7 - Gardens)
Notes: an exercise in "show don't tell"
Rating: poem

Bones on ShowCollapse )

watchmen, who will watch the watchers
I didn't get Tobi. It's cool. I was looking forward to the challenge, but chorus will, once again, be great.

Maybe I should look to a new group. Somewhere I can lead. Somewhere there's a place for someone like me.


In other news, over three or four days I've been writing things. Small things. Poetry. Snippets of lyrics. Whatever. For stupid reasons that no longer apply. Or that soon won't, at least - I find it hard to read myself at times. But as I keep telling people, I'm trying to keep positive about things.

Doesn't mean I'm not a little hurt.

Written: 26/27 /11 /2009
Inspiration: secrets and memories
Notes: four lines, more lyrics than poetry. Will expand at some point, possibly.

MemoriesCollapse )

Written: 28 /11 /2009
Inspiration: secrets and memories; a line I once used to describe someone
Notes: felt like it was burnt into my skin permanently; I'm learning to let go

OverexposedCollapse )

Written: 29 /11 /2009
Inspiration: secrets and memories and letting go of them both
Notes: not 100% on the last two lines

TravellingCollapse )

Guys, I'm no longer a boy soprano.
watchmen, who will watch the watchers
call back in an hour and a half.

falsetto is not so much with the working atm.


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
I got a call back!

For Tobi.

Who is a tenor?

I'm not...


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