the midnight web

19 December
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This is my writing and general art journal. I have another journal, but chances are you already knew that. If not, these are not the droids you're looking for.

I've been told I'm kind of Twilight Zoney. I like to think of myself as being hugely influenced by Neil Gaiman. I wish I could say that Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett influence me just as much but, for the moment, I've lost touch with that particular kind of quirk.

I deal mainly with concepts. I try to synthesize them; sometimes, it works. Often times, the concepts are too fluid for me to grasp and verbalise before they slip away, leaving me with art or writing that isn't really what I had in mind. Nevertheless, they are works in their own right; I am a firm believer in not erasing or deleting work, literature or art, just because I don't think it panned out 100% A-Grade.

More may come. It may not.